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Siddhi Durve.
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January 2023 - April 2023 (3 months)

Academic Project

Worked on this project along with a HCDE designer and two industrial manufacturing system engineers.

Project Team

Project Duration

Project Type

Tools Used

Figma, Miro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Office 360, Google

Re-designing Craigslist: a popular online classified advertisements website

Three Main Tasks

Task Selection Reasonings

Task 1: View Event

  • Almost 40 to 50 events organized on weekly basis.

  • These events lead to local economy boost.

Task 2: View Post

  • Craigslist sees an annual revenue of ~ $660 Million, which shows the popularity of the website.

  • Improving the look and feel of the website will lead to exponential gain in this revenue and the site traffic.

Task 3: Create Post

  • A traffic of almost 250.6 Million in a month.

  • More than 80 Million Ad postings.

  • Advertisement fee ranging from $3 to $75 per posting

Posting classified advertisements.

Looking up events happening around the town.

  • Looking up for buying products/ services

  • Renting properties

  • Searching jobs.

User Analysis



  • Hosted a user research clinic physical and virtual (zoom, teams, etc) platforms.

  • Collected the user response via Pre and Post interface evaluation questionnaire.

  • Observed the participant while performing the task to analyze their response to the user interface.

  • Tasks were timed to see how long it took to reach the goal, and each task was also timed to understand the effort required.


  • Prepared an evaluation sheet consisting of a set of questionnaire to record participant response to various interfaces within the website.

  • Documented the responses and summarized the results as shown in the presentation.


Participants' Feedback and  Principle's Violation






User ID
























User Type


“Too much to read, the blue font seems irritating and of course the font size, could it get any better?”

Nielsen: Visibility of system status


Nielsen: Consistency and standards

“Website seems to have no predefined framework, scattered all over the page with tiny font”


“Too many steps involved in finding a service that I am looking”

Norman: Get the mappings right.

Unfriendly Design Features

• Extensive list of all places.

• Tedious world map to choose the location.

• User login not indicate properly.

• Calendar not specified.

• Abbreviations used for counties.

• Inconsistent UI.

• Use of wrong UI elements (eg. hide post)

User Persona: John


“Help them with finding some graphics!”

Nielsen: Match between system and the real world


“I mean is it a website, or a blue pallet?”

Nielsen: Help users recognize, diagnosis and recover from errors

User Journey Map

Task 1: View Event

  • The calendar on the webpage does not indicate the month nor provide buttons to change months, which violates the second principle of Usability Heuristics.

  • Similarly, the cluttered design and harsh color palette of the webpage violate the eighth principle of Usability Heuristics.

  • The current platform does not have a inhouse chat feature which makes it difficult for users to engage with the advertisements.

Old Task Flows and Pain Points

Task 2: View Post

  • The current platform does not have a inhouse chat feature which makes it difficult for users to engage with the advertisements.

  • A lack of product recommendations causes users to browse to find similar products, leading to increased task completion time.

  • Presenting every category of product upfront creates a cluttered perception among users, also violating Usability Heuristics’  eighth principle.

Task 3: Create Postings

  • The current design features a sequential interface (with no provision to go back to the previous step) that requires users to input details on multiple pages instead of a single page, making it challenging to review the information and correct errors. This violets Usability Heuristics’ sixth principle.

  • The interface lacks a save progress option while creating a post, causing inconvenience for users in case of interruptions, violating Usability Heuristics  ultimately leading to increased task completion time

Task 1: View Event

User Scenarios

Task 2: View Post

Task 2: View Post

  • A New Chat-based feature that is introduced will be used for inter-user communication leading to an effective way to enhance user engagement on a platform.

  • The recommendation feature introduced will provide users with personalised recommendations for their primary search.

  • Categorizing products into relevant categories improves the landing page's organization and aesthetics, adhering to usability heuristic of aesthetics and minimalist design.

Task 3: Create Postings

  • The new interface simplifies input review and aids error identification by using a single input page (by reducing the number of screens) in line with sixth principle of Usability Heuristics of recognition over recall.

  • The new design incorporates a provision to save progress while creating a post, in adherence to seventh principle of Usability Heuristics, enhancing user flexibility and efficiency in the post creation process.


Task 3: Create Posting

New Task Flow with improved usability

Task 1: View Event

  • The design approach of adding appropriate headers with simple language to guide the users through the event search task reflects a match between the system and the real world, the second principle of Usability Heuristics.

  • Introducing a chat-based feature for inter-user communication can effectively enhance user engagement on a platform.

  • Introducing a feature that provides users personalized recommendations related to their primary search.

  • New interface categorizes information to improve aesthetics and adhere to the minimalist design principle of Usability Heuristics, presenting only necessary elements for task completion.

View Event High Fidelity
View Event High Fidelity

Current Screen

Low-Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity

View Post High Fidelity

Current Screen

Low-Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity

Current Screen

Low-Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity

User Guide: View Posts

Sign up/Login

  • Click on sign up with email or sign up with google or facebook.

  • Fill in all the information. Click on Sign up.

  • Fill in the location details or click on ‘detect my current location’.

  • Click on save

View Post

  • Select the category (Click on Artist).

  • Click on Search.

  • Click on Search- ‘ Bicycle Servicing’.

  • Checkbox the filter ‘Free’.

  • Click on the post of bicycle servicing.

  • Click on Reply.

  • Type on the message.

  • Click on Send.

Current Screen

Low-Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity

Current Screen

Low-Fidelity Wireframe